Tanis Saxby

Images, top to bottom:

Shadow Form One -
porcelain clay, W 27 H 11 (h) approx. CAD 875

Shadow Form Two -
porcelain clay, W 27 H 11 (h) approx. CAD 875

Shadows unglazed porcelain series was formed aided by shadows created by shining a spotlight on the evolving form. Shadows around the finished vessel become part of the overall composition.


I strive to create a visual language using porcelain clay that is thrown and altered on the pottery wheel and at times, hand built. The problems of mass and volume, of light in relation to form, and of volume in relation to space, and of continually learning to grasp and understand form more completely are problems that interest me and which I believe I can begin to solve by shaping, carving and cutting down the vessel form. My commitment to the purity of form and material is reflected in my unglazed porcelain vessels.

My sculptural forms often reflect tranquillity and stillness in motion, a concept that is sublime and a paradox. I am drawn to introduce the concepts of stillness, simplicity and sensuality in response to our often complex, distant, time driven culture. Contrast also plays an important role for me with light and shadows, drama and tranquility, stillness and motion.


Tanis Saxby apprenticed as a carver and stone sculptor on B.C.'s Saltspring Island before studying ceramics at the Kootenay School of Arts. In 2005, she was awarded the International Residency in Ceramics in Vallauris, France, through a Canada-wide selection. In 2007, Tanis Saxby was nominated for the BC Achievement Award by the CABC Awards Committee.