Jeina Morosoff

Images, top to bottom:

Submerged Hybrid Series -
blown glass, carved with sandblaster,
metal pigment
Ivory L 11" W 4"W CAD 900
Turqoise L 14" W 5"W CAD 1200

Submerged Egg with Dot Pattern -
L 4" W 3", CAD 300

Organaforms Series -
blown glass, carved with sandblaster
L 9-9.5" W 3" approx. CAD 300 each

Jeina Morosoff has exhibited in Canada and internationally. In 2003, her work was part of the "Canadian Handmade Objects" exhibition at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo and the "Canadian Glass Exhibition" at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.

Her work has appeared in various publications including "500 Glass Objects" by Lark Publishing.