Lise Kuhr

Images, top to bottom:
Plates or Wall Hangings, Fission Series


Clay constantly challenges and surprises me. When I am confident that I understand some subtle quality of its nature, another aspect is revealed, and I recognize that I have just begun. Knowing this is both the comfort and challenge that keeps me engaged.

Working with porcelain primarily on the wheel, I enjoy the contrast of moving between spontaneous exploration, and precise direction. As I throw, I gravitate toward certain forms, and more specifically the repetition of distinct curves. I am curious about the decisions I make, and am grateful that so many of them are seemingly unconscious. It is as if somewhere in my mind a form has already taken shape, and my hands allow me to bring it to life.

In the early stages of making, I am already seeing hints of the completed form. Choosing a finish from my own small palette of glazes, I also anticipate the beautiful uncertainties of the firing process. High firing in a gas kiln imparts subtle surprises and irregularities to the finished piece, which brings forth an organic unity between chance and meticulous processes.

My current work continues to express the dichotomy of careful modern forms, and the inexact nature of gas firing. As well, I find myself in the familiar territory between functional objects and sculpture.


Lise Kuhr is a ceramic artist living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Although having lived most of her life in Canada, Lise is a citizen of Denmark by birth, and keeps close ties to that country.

Lise’s interest in art began early, and included working with clay, drawing and painting. Although she spent a considerable amount of time away from creating, she made a definitive choice to bring art back into her daily life in her mid-twenties. Having finished a degree in Psychology, and fueling her passion for travel, Lise moved to Los Angeles where she studied make-up and make-up effects. Returning to BC, one of Lise’s first jobs in the industry brought her back to sculpting, and it was not long after that she took up throwing clay on the wheel.

While remaining actively involved in Vancouver’s film industry, Lise moved to Nelson, British Columbia in 2001, where she studied ceramics at the Kootenay School of the Arts for two years. In 2002, she was awarded the British Columbia Arts Council Award Scholarship. 2004 would see Lise studying abroad in Denmark at the Århus Kunstakademi, where she entered the final year of a three year diploma program in ceramics.