Connie Glover

Connie studied ceramics at Douglas College, Surrey, BC, and at Laguna Beach School of Art in California. In the past few years she has completed residencies at the Banff Centre in Alberta and in Aomori, Japan. She has taught for many years in her own studio and at community centres.

Over the past three decades, Connie's work has evolved to an organic quality, inspired by the natural world. In addition to murals and large-scale public art projects, she enjoys making large, one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces, influenced most recently by the forms of seed pods and buds. She enjoys, "the energy of new growth, the unfolding, and the promise of new life".

Her work has gravitated toward public and community public art projects in the last few years. Making our urban environments more livable and engaging seems a worthwhile pursuit. When citizens become involved in making art for their community, they tap into a sense of ownership and belonging, a feeling of being at home.