Carole Epp

The Stone Series is a porcelain based design project which aims to create a form that references both industrial design and production alongside handmade aesthetics. The form is rendered on the potters’ wheel using metal tools to create the crisp lines and shape, while still maintaining a tactile aspect and consideration for the hand that would hold it. The forms are glazed with traditional Shino (red and grey) and Celadon (green) glazes and fired in a reduction atmosphere in a gas kiln to approximately 1275 degrees Celsius.

Carole Epp is a Canadian ceramic artist and writer, who received her Masters Degree in Ceramics from the Australian National University. She was recently the Visiting Artist at Red Deer College in Alberta. Her ceramics branch off into two distinct bodies of work wherein she produces lines of sculptural and functional objects. Her sculptural based work incorporates the production of collectible figurines whose traditional genre is subverted by revealing a more truthful representation of behavior and morality in contemporary society. An analysis of consumer culture is unveiled and dialogue is presented regarding the personal relationship one has with global events and politics. The functional domestic wares investigate contemporary industrial design aesthetics and their sustainability through handmade qualities, including what has traditionally been deemed glaze-faults, in combination with the clean and calculated look of mass-produced wares. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, Australia and the United States. Her artwork and writing has also been published in the past few years in magazine publications, websites and books.